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Preparing Your Bank Statements for Upload

Preparing Your Bank Statements for Upload

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January 24, 2023

What information do you need?

Many analysis functions in Canopy are very insightful, especially topics like historical returns, performance of strategies or attribution of net value moves over certain time periods.

Please read on for the types of statements suitable for the first time and subsequent times to ensure your reports are processed accurately and in a timely manner.

In general, we are looking for:

  1. Initial move-in holding positions
  2. Cash Transactions (any transaction that impacts cash)
  3. Security Transactions (any transaction that impacts asset holdings, for e.g. stock splits)
  4. Ending Positions or periodic month-end holding positions for accurate reconciliation
  5. Relevant Documentation that describes transaction types and performance impact

Initial Statement Upload

If you are uploading data to Canopy for the first time, please provide the following:

  1. Month-end holdings summary for the month preceding account inception, and for the ending month in your chosen period (If account inception is 1 Jan 2021, please provide holdings summary as of 31 Dec 2020)
  2. Transactions details from day of account inception (from 1 Jan 2021)
  3. Current account transactions from day of account inception (from 1 Jan 2021)


A client wants to upload 6 months of investment data starting from 1 Jan 2021, he/she provides the following:

  1. Open Positions for 30 Dec 2020 and 30 Jun 2021
  2. Historical ledger (all transactions and cash account details) for period 1 Jan 2021 – 30 Jun 2021

Note: If you would like all Canopy historical month-end market values to match the statements exactly, please provide the month-end holdings summary for every month since account inception.

Ongoing Statement Upload

Once your initial data has been uploaded, please provide the following types of statements for subsequent data upload:

  1. Month-end Holdings summary
  2. Monthly Transactions details
  3. Monthly Current Account transactions

Note: We have found that some “interim statements”, “summary reports” or “trade confirmations” are unreliable across level of information, level of detail and accuracy of information. For that reason, we seek your help to obtain “official month-end statements”.

Acceptable File Formats

  • Original electronic PDF (searchable text)

We do not accept scanned paper statements as we find that using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) leads to data errors.

Send us your statements (Upload or Email)

  1. Upload from your Canopy account. Click here for step-by-step guide - preferred method for fast processing
  2. Email us your statements (for general clients: or your Account Manager's email address. For bank clients, please email to the respective support email address provided to you.)

Upon receiving your statements, we will send you a confirmation email. Subsequent statement processing generally takes 3-5 business days.

Password Protected PDF Statements

Please provide us with the password if you send us a file which his password protected. Alternatively, you may remove the restriction on your own.

To remove password from PDF, please re-save the file without the password in 2 steps:

  • Open your PDF Statement with Adobe Acrobat Reader and enter the password
  • Go to File > Print... > Choose printer 'Microsoft Print to PDF' > Print > Save