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Canopy Data Cleansing Process

Canopy Data Cleansing Process

Bad data is useless data. At Canopy we are obsessed with data quality. Read more to see how Canopy manages the data for you.

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January 24, 2023

We are obsessed with data quality

Bad data is useless data. At Canopy we are obsessed with data quality. In case we are managing your data upload, then all incoming data goes through the following two steps

  1. Mapping to a Single Security Master: Canopy is a transaction only booking system and all transactions are mapped to a single security master
  2. Data Consistency Check: There is a two stage data consistency check, where we ensure that the closing positions as calculated from the incoming transactions are consistent with reported closing positions. We also look for off market prices etc. Any bugs that are found in the data (and we find quite a few bugs) are fixed as per a protocol agreed with the customer.

Canopy can manage your data consistency for you

A lot of our customers prefer to let Canopy handle their entire data process which covers

  • Data Extraction
  • Data Upload
  • Data Consistency Check
  • Data Maintenance
  • Setting up of Individual Customer Database

Or you can do it yourself

Canopy is also available as a typical SaaS product, where you are responsible for your own data process. All the above features (like Analytics, Individual Customer Database and Hyper Personalization) will still be available to you