Canopy Onboarding Form
for UBS Clients

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Important note on historical data upload

While Canopy is able to aggregate your data from chosen custodian(s) via data feed connection(s), please note that most custodians may not be able to provide your historical data via data feeds. Therefore, if you want to migrate your historical data onto Canopy, you will be required to provide ePDF bank statements to bridge the data gap (the gap between your historical data period i.e. starting from beginning of the year until the date you have signed the contract). The period which starts after you sign the contract is referred to as ongoing data and Canopy tries to bridge the gap between your historical data period and ongoing data period. Please note that additional costs apply for historical data migration.

Non-Bankable Assets: Please list the types of non-bankable assets you are looking to add.

List of currently available data feeds:

Do you have more custodians to add?  If so, your Client Success Manager will discuss with you further during the Kickoff Call.

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