How we've helped deliver a scalable and personalized digital experience?

Building an Industry Ecosystem

Credit Suisse wanted to alter a fundamental limitation in providing wealth advice to their clients - that they had assets at other banks. As such, Credit Suisse and Canopy worked together to enable clients to consolidate their other accounts. This allowed clients to obtain a holistic view of their wealth and for their Credit Suisse Relationship Manager to help them manage it.

Connecting Front and Back Office

An investment bank needed ‘middle-ware' to standardise and reconcile the data from their back office systems to be fed into their front office systems. By utilising the Canopy Engine module, the bank was able clean their data and were able to link the two systems with ease. The adoption of the Canopy UL format also meant that the bank is able to link other systems into their ecosystem seemlessly.

Enriched Digital Experience for Clients

A banking and asset management conglomerate was not able to show their clients a rich history of their financial data on their online platform. By utilizing the Canopy Engine and Visualizer they were able to dramatically improve their digital offering; including offering fund look-throughs for their funds.

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