How we've helped so many become that Trusted Advisor?

Safeguarded the Client

A Relationship Manager utilized Canopy Alerts to setup an email notification to be sent if any bond was to decline more than a certain threshold. As a bond issued by Odebrecht decline more than the threshold as a result of alleged corruption. As the Relationship Manager and client were based in Asia and events were not covered in their local news. As a result of the Canopy Alert the Relationship Manager was able to notify the client and avoid significant losses by exiting the investment before the main dip.

Reduced Meeting Preparation Time

A Relationship Manager had a client with over 200 private equity investments. When it came to discussing the performance of his Private Equity investment the Relationship Manager found it very time consuming to prepare a very basic analysis. Once the client joined Canopy the Relationship Manager was able to generate summary and detailed reports at the click of a button. As such, the Relationship Manager was able to spend more time assessing the appropriateness of the client's selections and was able to articulate strategies to better meet the client's needs.

Identified New Sales Opportunities

A new security had been launched which the Relationship Manager and Investment Counsellor thought would suit the Relationship Manager's conservative client base. The Relationship Manager normally would go on his gut feeling and basic segmentation to identify the most appropriate clients. However, by utilizing Canopy's Manager Module, the Relationship Manager was able to quickly sort this entire client base by the types of investments currently held, and historical asset class mix to formulate a comprehensive client list in minutes. As a result, the Relationship Manager was able to identify clients that she would not have normally approached with such a product.

Improved Day-to-day Efficiency

Canopy's Manager Module has been designed with a Relationship Manager's day-to-day activities in mind. We helped a Relationship Manager keep in touch with his client base during the turbulent market conditions. By utilizing the Manager Module the Relationship Manager was quickly able to identify which clients had large movers in their portfolio and needed to be called.

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